To Whom It May Concern,

We are very pleased to write about our experience with Mr. Dale Stephens owner of Cascade Pools, Inc. Dale completed our swimming pool package right on schedule at the beginning of July 2007.

In our search for a pool builder we spent numerous months doing our homework on pools and interviewed many different potential candidates. After we narrowed our decision to a select few is when Dale rose to the top. This was the first time we were building a pool and we needed someone willing to show us their creativity while also explaining where our ideas could lead to potential problems we didn’t recognize. Dale shows he is patient, considerate, courteous and polite along with being a good listener and a great communicator.

Once Dale and his crew began the project it was obvious they have been working together for some time. They are detail-oriented, punctual and quality minded. Watching as the project worked through each phase we learned that a custom pool is actually a handcrafted piece of art. Teamwork is paramount and we who use their services are fortunate that Dale has put the group together.

From the beginning to the end Dale and his crew are committed, loyal and devoted. We enthusiastically recommend Dale for anything where honesty and trust are your top priority. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We can be reached at our home phone number (407) 592-0080. If we are not available at the time please leave a message and we will make it a point to return your call.